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City Officials

The city officials of Estelline have recently made several moves that demonstrate their pro-active approach to the improvement and development of the quality of life of its residents. Over the past few years, the city has remained committed to delivering affordable and reliable utility services that are also top of the line. Presently the city upgraded its entire electric infrastructure within the city limits and surrounding service area. Most recently, the Mayor and his officials are conducting studies on the city’s water system and have taken steps in preparation to upgrade.

In addition to these utility upgrades, plans that involve affordable housing development and other lots made available within the community are currently in the works. These present and future actions and decisions will competitively position Estelline as an ideal community for business and family endeavors within the state of South Dakota.

City Office phone 605-873-2388 and Email Address:


Term Expires:

            Ross Brandsrud
            507 4th St. N
            Estelline, SD 57234


            Ryan Miller - Ward I
            108 Eastwood Drive
            Estelline, SD 57234


            Julie Rieckman - Ward I
            208 Eastwood Drive
            Estelline, SD 57234


            Josh Cokens- Ward II
            307 6th St. N
            Estelline, SD 57234


            Mike Gunderson - Ward II
            312 Bell Avenue E
            Estelline, SD 57234


            Cheryl Squires - Ward III
            600 4th Street N
            Estelline, SD 57234


            Michael Ward - Ward III
            608 Main St. N
            Estelline, SD 57234


Ward I – The south side of Arthur Ave. and all that portion lying south of Arthur Ave. in the City of Estelline

Ward II - All that portion of the city lying between the north side of Arthur Ave. and the south side of Davis Ave.

Ward III – All that portion of the city lying from the north side of Davis Ave.

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